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Take Ownership of Your Retirement!  


OtherWise Financial provides low cost IRS-approved Self-Directed Checkbook Control retirement plans with unlimited asset choices including Real Estate.



We establish Self-Directed retirement plans for our clients that are set up with “checkbook control”. Our clients receive the highest quality, personalized service at very affordable rates, in all 50 states. You can invest in real estate, mortgage notes, trust deeds and other non-traditional investments.


To gain checkbook control one of following structures is used:


  • Self-Directed Solo401k

  • IRA LLC (akaCheckbookIRA)


Both of these investment structures minimize the fees and eliminate the delays associated with an IRA custodian, enabling the investor to act quickly when opportunity presents itself.  The funds are available to be invested into real estate, businesses, tax liens, crowd funding, precious metals; and much more.


We Make it Simple:

There are no tax consequences when you set up a Self Directed IRA or Solo 401(k) plan. Our turn-key process involves a direct transfer of your retirement funds from your current plan administrator to a custodian or Qualified Retirement Plan (QRP) trust’s account that allows investments into non-traditional assets, giving you “checkbook control”. Checkbook control gives you the freedom to invest your Retirement funds in any way that the IRS allows; gone are the days of only investing in Mutual Funds.  Call Today!


When you do a trustee to trustee transfer, there are no tax consequences; and you are not required to report anything on your income tax return.  A Qualified Retirement Plan (QRP) is permitted to make as many transfers a year as they would like.


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