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We Make Getting Your Solo 401k Simple


Your Solo 401k with OtherWise Financial will cost you a one time fee of:


$499.00 Debit or Credit Card Payments 


  • No Custodian Fees

  • No Third Party Administration Fees (If you set up your 401k Trust at a bank)

  • No Custodian, Trustee, or Administrator Fees Attached To Your Retirement Plan


Your IRS Approved Solo 401k Plan Contents:


  • Cover Sheet 

  • Preamble 

  • Introduction

  • Definitions

  • Participation 

  • Contributions 

  • Limitations on Contributions

  • Vesting

  • Distributions

  • In-Service Distributions & Loans

  • Investment and Valuation of the Trust Fund

  • Trust Fund

  • Special Top Heavy Rules

  • Plan Administration

  • Amendment, Merger & Termination

  • Miscellaneous

  • Signature page (1 of 2)

  • Post EGTRRA Addendum

  • PPA Amendment Addendum

  • Signature page (2 of 2)

  • Last Page


Please note that the OtherWise Financial Solo 401k Plan is an IRS approved plan that your

Custodian of choice will accept as an Official Employer Sponsored 401k Plan; and that your

previous Custodian will recognize as a Qualified Retirement Plan for fund transfer purposes.  

Take ownership of your Retirement today.

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