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OtherWise Financial Group is a Godhart Group Company


OtherWise Financial is dedicated to helping small and medium business owners; and aspiring business owners find effective ways to protect their hard/smart earned dollars from undue Tax penalties and creditor access through a business Trust called the Individual or Solo 401k Plan.  OtherWise Financial helps business owners and aspiring business owners thrive in all

50 States.  Call today!




Helping business owners and aspiring business owners accumulate and retain wealth through integrity and excellence by financial direction and consultation.


How We Accomplish The Vision and Mission


OtherWise Financial works closely with other financial and business professionals to assist them with ways to better serve their clientele and customer base. Contact us today to discuss a solution for your client.  We seek to build and retain mutually beneficial relationships with business owners, aspiring business owners; and financial professionals who serve the business community in ways that help secure the future of business finance.


OtherWise Financial Works With The Following Financial Professionals:


  • Accountant

  • Agent, Broker or Representative

  • Asset Custodian

  • Attorney

  • Benefits Consultant

  • Bookkeeper

  • Broker-Dealer

  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

  • Certified Payroll Professional (CPP)

  • Certified Pension Consultant (CPC)

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

  • Certified Treasury Professional (CTP)

  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

  • Credit Union

  • Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)

  • Fee-only Advisor

  • Fellow, Society of Pension Actuaries (FSPA)

  • Fiduciary

  • Financial Advisor

  • Financial Planner

  • Hedge Fund

  • Human Resources (HR)

  • Independent Advisor

  • Insurance agent

  • Insurance Broker

  • Marketing Consultant

  • Mutual Fund Company

  • Participating TPA ('PTPA')

  • Payroll provider

  • Plan Administrator

  • Plan Trustee

  • Qualified 401(k) Administrator (QKA)

  • Qualified Pension Administrator (QPA)

  • Qualified Plan Financial Consultant (QPFC)

  • Recordkeeper

  • Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)

  • Registered representative

  • Third-party administrator (TPA)

  • Trust Company

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