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At OtherWise Financial, referrals are paramount to our success.  We have a network of Wise Reps. to help assist with getting the word out about the exciting benefits of the Solo 401k Retirement Plan and other alternative financial opportunities.  OtherWise Financial Reps. are dedicated to the forward goal of helping OtherWise Fianancial inform and interface with Small Business Owners in all 50 States.  The OtherWise Fianancial Wise Rep. Referral Program (OFWRRP) promotes B2B/B2C opportunities for virtually anyone who has a network of business owners who can benefit from having a Solo 401k.


Wise Rep. Compensation:

OtherWise Financial Wise Reps. are 1099 Independent Contractors who are offered immediate compensation for referring a participating Solo 401k Sponsor (Self-Employed Business Owner).  Help the Wise Rep. who referred you, or become part of the team.  Either way you are helping to propel and promote the dynamic features of the Solo 401k.  Call today for details, and if becoming a Wise Rep is a good fit for you; our Wise Rep. Service Team will send out 100 Wise Rep. Promo Cards like the ones below.  The OtherWise Fianancial Wise Rep. Referral Program (OFWRRP) is great for added Client Services and Business Network opportunities.  Some of the OtherWise Financial Wise Reps. are earning as much as $1,500.00 extra income per month.  Maybe $750.00 per month is suitable for your added income.  Call today to order your cards!  Ask about the Wise Rep. Uniform offer as well.


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